Export Insurance
Nowadays, when trading with foreign partners, exporters can be required to sell goods on credit terms when payments are received after shipment takes place. Deferred payment sales is always connected with risk of non-payment or credit risk which is difficult to assess and diversify without financial products. To protect the receivables of the Armenian exporters against the non-payment of their foreign buyers, Export Insurance Agency of Armenia provides short-term insurance of receivables against commercial and political risks.

Pre-export financing insurance
Because of lack of working capital or limited access to financial resources , even having signed export agreements ,exporters often encounter the problem of inability to manufacture goods specified in the purchase order and export them on time. In order to ensure continuity in production cycle and boost exports volume of RA resident companies ,EIAA offers pre-export financing insurance (PFI), which gives RA exporters the opportunity to receive short-term bank financing ,without collateral, under the export contract insured by EIAA.

Buyers lists
Tips for Еxporters
Exporters are encouraged to include several provisions in the export contracts in order to resolve quickly and efficiently potential disputes and disagreements arising between the parties.

Financing Under Insurance Policy
In case your financing bank is mentioned as a beneficiary under the insurance policy you will be given an opportunity to: 1. offer deferred payment conditions to your foreign buyers, 2. use the insurance contract to get financing from banks (short-term credits, factoring) with simplified procedures and privileged conditions