General Insurance Conditions

Policy holder: Resident exporting companies of the Republic of Armenia

Insured risk: Commercial and political risks

Duration of export insurance policy: up to 2 years

Currency of the sum insured: AMD, USD, EUR, RUB

Waiting period: 1 - 6 months

Amount of indemnification: 75% - 95% of the actual lose as a result of non-payment

Insurance premium: is calculated applying insurance rate to the sum insured


The data is determined based on the financial condition of exporter and foreign buyer, the history of the exporter's and foreign buyer's cooperation, country risk classification of the foreign buyer and so on



  Please follow the link to find the main export destination countries risks classification.

For the information on the risk classification of the countries not included in the list, you can contact us on the following number: +374 10 582929.